How to Play

Live Penalty is a multiplayer elimination game. Each game consists of 10 rounds and the goal is to successfully proceed to the final round, earning as many Goals, LivePoints, and LiveCoins as possible along the way. In the last round, one player (the finalist) gets the chance to experience a one-on-one session against a real live goalkeeper, earning the LiveCoin bonus and increasing his/her chance to join the ranks of the best Live Penalty players.

To avoid long waiting times, most activities and player inputs within the game are timed and require rather fast decision-making. When time runs out, players are eliminated and need to wait for the next game.

Joining the game

Every game starts with a timed countdown displayed on the LED panel in the background. All active users can join the game by pressing the time-limited confirmation button in the lower right corner of the screen. Once the time on the button has run out, all unconfirmed users become spectators of the game. Spectators are still able to participate by sending comments via the chat displayed throughout the event, but they are not able to collect LivePoints, LiveCoins, or Goals during this game.

Ball shooting machine in front of a goal with a goalkeeper

Choosing where to shoot / targeting / skill game

Once a game starts, all active players see a white circle which turns into a pulsating blue/purple circle once they select an area in the goal. That area represents their personal target. These circles define not only the precision of the shot but also the potential amount of LivePoints which can be acquired during each round. The more narrow the circle, the more precise the shot, and the more LivePoints can be collected. (Please read “LivePoints” below for more information.) In order to stop the pulsation and lock in the precision and value of the target, the lower right corner button needs to be pressed at the right time. In case a player misses the goal, he/she gets automatically eliminated.

The LED panel briefly displays the players’ names in the respective area of their selected target. This feature can be used in various ways for strategic target placing.

Demonstration of the points different regions can give

Shooting the ball

After receiving all active players’ input, the system calculates the “average target”. Each individual input is influenced by the amount of LivePoints the player acquired during his/her skill game/targeting. The higher the amount of LivePoints, the stronger the influence on the “average target” calculation. Once calculated, this “final target” is represented by a laser. The machine aims and shoots the ball, resulting in either a GOAL or a SAVE. In case of a goal, the players who managed to lock their personal targets closest to the final target proceed to the next round, while the others are eliminated. In case the goalkeeper saves the ball, the elimination process is reversed and all players close to the final target are eliminated.

The LED panel displays whether it was a GOAL or if the ball was SAVED, as well as the number and percentage of players who have been eliminated and who are continuing with the game. In addition, players will see a message on the bottom of their screens, informing them of their results.

Demonstration of how many players continue in the game after each round


Goals are the most important “collectible” and represent the number of goals a player managed to score throughout his/her Live Penalty career. Only the best “strikers” will be represented in the leaderboard. In order to track the goals, the lower right corner button not only serves as a targeting controller, but also counts the points and goals acquired during each round. Goals cannot be exchanged, traded or refunded in any way.

Demonstration of how the targeting button is shown with goals


LivePoints are in-game points tracking the level and experience of a player. The more gamers play and the better they get, the more points they have on their accounts. The leadership board cumulates the best players and displays the respective ranks, based firstly on the highest scored goals and secondly on the most collected LivePoints. LivePoints also enable players to get access to more difficult levels later on. The further players progress in the game, the more LivePoints they can acquire. LivePoints cannot be exchanged, traded or refunded in any way.

Collecting LivePoints

LivePoints can be collected in each round of the game and are influenced by three factors. First, the goal is divided into differently valued sectors, which change and increase in value with every round. This value is determined by the player’s skill game results (pulsating circles) and is the basis for the LivePoints. Next, the elimination process is considered, adding different points for being in either the green or the red zone. And lastly, extra points can be earned for scoring a goal. No points will be added if a player misses the targeting or the goal entirely.

Demonstration of he target reward system

Example scenarios:

Green zone+12 lp+4 lp
Red zone+9 lp+4 lp


LiveCoins are an in-app currency required to play one game. When a player creates an account for the first time, a certain number of LiveCoins is added to this account. For each game that’s played, a predefined amount of LiveCoins will be deducted. New LiveCoins can be collected during a game, purchased in the in-app store, acquired by watching ads or exchanged for special features, but they cannot be transferred from one player or account to another. Please check our refund policy for more details.

Collecting LiveCoins by playing

LiveCoins can be won starting in the 6th round of each game. Players who advance in the game in these last five rounds attain the following number of LiveCoins:

  • 6th round: 1 LiveCoin
  • 7th round: 2 LiveCoins
  • 8th round: 5 LiveCoins
  • 9th round: 10 LiveCoins
  • 10th and final round: 15 + LiveCoins in the jackpot (in case of a win)

The LiveCoins jackpot in each game is displayed from the very beginning of the first round. The higher the number of players in the game, the higher the jackpot. If the finalist scores, he/she wins the jackpot. If no goal is scored, the jackpot is equally distributed amongst the people who made it to the 6th-9th round.

LiveCoin refunds

Spent LiveCoins are generally not refundable. A refund might be considered if the game malfunctioned due to technical difficulties on the game developer’s (Live Penalty’s) side. Technical issues on the gamer’s side—e.g. a slow internet connection, an outdated software version of the app/phone, etc.—do not qualify for a refund. Only LiveCoins spent within the last five days of submitting a refund will be considered. All refund requests will be checked and evaluated on an individual basis. No automatic refunds will be granted.

Demonstrates the refunds of LiveCoins for each round

10th/Final round

Only one player advances to the 10th and final round of each game. During this round, the player gets the chance to interact with the goalkeeper on a one-on-one basis. The LiveCoins jackpot can only be distributed in this round.


Games are based on various types of events. Players unlock certain events with a number of LiveCoins based on the event type. Only training is free and therefore a great place for earning LiveCoins.


The leaderboard in the app displays all players according to their number of acquired goals and LivePoints per season (week/month). Each week and month, the ranking system is reset. However, based on their position, the best players from that season will be rewarded with a certain amount of LiveCoins.