How to Play

Live Penalty is a free-to-play card game, where players compete with others utilizing real athletes performances via a mobile app.

Ball shooting machine in front of a goal with a goalkeeper


Live Penalty is a 3-round penalty game where striker cards challenge goalkeeper cards.

In-game screenshot showing cards in hand

Each player gets a set of boosting cards at the beginning of each game, based on his/her team setup with one random card in addition.

In-game screenshot showing striker and goalkeeper cards along with the last played boosting card

The cards are used during the game to boost the player's chances to win as indicated on the chances bar. Higher numbers are more likely to win the round.

In-game screenshot showing goalkeeper saving the shot

However, the final result of scoring/saving/missing the goal are generated by computational simulations according to the chance bar percentages.

Athlete Cards

All goalkeeper and striker cards come with a variety of attributes which directly impact the match. You can setup your team of athlete cards in the CARDS section and define the order of appearance in the match.

Athlete cards

By collecting more of the same athlete's cards, all athletes can be upgraded to higher levels increasing the card's original attributes.


Power card


Striker: Impacts the chances of scoring a goal.
Goalkeeper: Impacts the chances of saving a shot.

Hype bars


Defines how much your bonus bar will increase while playing matches (see Bonus).

Hype card activating the bonus


Defines how much extra power you receive each time the bonus bar gets completed (see Hype).

Starting cards

Starting Card:

Defines which card every player in your team contributes to your deck at the beginning of each match.

Basic Boosting Cards

There is no limit to how many available boosting cards can be played within a round.

The striker always starts each round by choosing a power card and indicating where to shoot. The goalkeeper then either uses a matching power, change, or hype card to defend the goal. The chances bar indicates the chances of winning accordingly.

Power card


Defines the strength and direction of the shot/save (striker/goalkeeper).

Power Fail card

Power Fail:

Erases the opponent's power points.

Change card


Changes the direction of the opponent's attack/defense.

Hype card


Can be used to unlock the athlete's bonus points (indicated on the hype bar) and adds another boosting card to your deck.

Hype Fail card

Hype Fail:

Erases the opponent's currently collected hype points.