How to Play

Live Penalty is a free-to-play, multiplayer penalty shootout game, where you try to score goals against real-life goalkeepers by controlling a physical football launcher.

Ball shooting machine in front of a goal with a goalkeeper


“Scouting” is the 24/7 version of Live Penalty. Each game is available at all times and can be played multiple times. Male and female goalkeepers from various clubs, nationalities, and with different skill sets and rankings can be chosen as opponents in different “Scouting Rooms”. Players compete with others while trying to beat a reactional performance of the selected goalkeeper. Some scouting games require LiveCoins to play and vary in price according to the ranking of the keeper.

Scouting rooms

On-demand aka SCOUTING

Once a scouting room has been chosen from the main menu, one of many available goalkeeper cards is being displayed. A time-limited confirmation button in the bottom right corner of the screen needs to be tapped in order to play against this keeper. Once the time on the button has run out, the scouting room will automatically offer another goalkeeper from the same room.

Scouting room lobby


Choosing where to shoot (Targeting / Skill game)

At the start of each round, all active players see a white circle which turns into a pulsating blue/purple circle once the players select an area in the goal. That pulsating circle represents their potential personal target zone. During this time, all players’ names are briefly displayed on the LED panel in the respective areas of their initial inputs.

Targeting phase of the game

To decrease the size of this zone and help pin the target to a more specific spot, the pulsation needs to be stopped at its smallest size by pressing the lower right corner button at the right time. This increases the precision and the impact on the average target calculation the most.

In case the personal target ends up outside the actual goal area, the player automatically gets eliminated. Special skill game enhancements can be used to improve the player’s targeting. (see “Supplements” for more details)

Shooting the ball

Multiplayer: After receiving all active players’ personal targets, the system calculates an “average target”. The highest precision of each player’s target influences the averaging the most. Once calculated, this “average target” is represented by a laser on the LED panel. The machine then aims and shoots the ball.

Shooting phase of the game

You against the goalkeeper: When no other players are in the game (e.g., the 10th round), the active player has full control over the machine and can aim precisely where he/she desires, given that the skill game/targeting is successful.


Each round, a predefined percentage of players gets eliminated according to their performance. Once a ball is launched towards the “average target", it either results in a GOAL, SAVE, or MISS. At this point, active players are divided into two zones, determining each player's progression/elimination to the next round.

In the case of a GOAL, a green zone appears around the average target, letting only players who have placed their personal targets within this zone progress to the next round. All players within the red zone (outside the green zone) are eliminated.

Game elimination

In the case of a SAVE/MISS, the elimination process is reversed. A red zone appears around the average target, eliminating all players within this zone, while the others in the green zone proceed to the next round.

After each shot, the LED panel displays the shot result, the respective red/green zones, as well as the number and percentage of players who are eliminated/proceeding, until only one player remains and proceeds to the final round.


Goalkeeper cards


Cards represent real-life goalkeeper performances and can be found in different on-demand scouting rooms of the game. After choosing a specific card/goalkeeper, they can be collected aka scouted in different ways:

  1. WIN - Scoring a goal in the final round results in winning the game. The played card will automatically be added to the player’s “My Goalkeepers” section.
  2. PLAY - After a player made progress in a game (min. 1 LivePoint/Goal), the card’s progress bars visible in the scouting room get updated with the number of LivePoints and Goals collected during the game. In addition, the card will appear as “in progress” in the player’s “My Goalkeepers” section. Once the required amount of LivePoints and Goals have been gathered, the card will be unlocked at the end of your game.
  3. CLAIM - Cards can directly be exchanged for LiveCoins in either the scouting room or the “My Goalkeeper” section. The amount of required LiveCoins decreases with each progress that’s being made on this card (collected LivePoints and Goals)


The leaderboard in the app displays all players primarily according to their number of acquired fans, goals, and lastly based on their collected LivePoints per season (week/month/all-time). Each week and month, the ranking system is reset. However, based on their position, the top 3 players from that season are rewarded with a certain amount of LiveCoins before the reset.


Fans are the most important collectible within the world of Live Penalty and the main metric behind the player rankings of each leaderboard. All goalkeeper cards come with a certain number of fans based on the goalkeeper’s star ranking. Once a card has been scouted (see “Cards”), the associated number of fans is being added to the player’s profile.


Goals represent the number of goals a player manages to score throughout his/her Live Penalty career and define the player’s position in the leaderboard. The best “strikers” will be listed on the top of each leaderboard. A player’s profile features the total number of goals scored.

During a game, the lower right corner button not only serves as a targeting controller but also counts the LivePoints and goals acquired after each round. Every goal is automatically added to the player’s total number of goals, even if he/she leaves the game early.

Demonstration of how the targeting button is shown with goals


LivePoints are in-game points tracking the skills and experiences of players. The more they play and the better they get, the more LivePoints they have on their accounts.

Collecting LivePoints

LivePoints can be collected in each round of the game and are influenced by 3 factors:

  1. Matrix - the goal is divided into differently valued sectors, which change and partially increase in value with every round. The sectors furthest away from the goalkeeper generally contain the highest number of potential LivePoints. (see images). These matrix values can only be achieved if players can precisely place their targets in the desired location by mastering the skill game component (smallest circle). Read below for more details.Demonstration of he target reward system
  2. Skill game - The better players are in the skill game, the more points they can collect in each round. Once a spot and its respective value sector (see Matrix above) has been chosen, the pulsation of the skill game starts and removes all other surrounding matrix values. Now, players can only collect the desired value of the sector if their target ends up in the smaller circle of their skill game. To increase the probability of hitting this spot, stopping the pulsation at its smallest possible size is recommended. Should the target land outside of the smallest circle, only 1 LivePoint will be collected.
  3. Shot result - After a ball is shot, additional LivePoints are added based on the result and the players’ zone affiliation:
    Green zone+12 LP+4 LP+0 LP
    Red zone+9 LP+4 LP+0 LP

Using an Extra Life: Players who rejoin the game by using an Extra Life do not receive additional LivePoints. LivePoints cannot be exchanged, traded, or refunded in any way.


Special player badges

During targeting, active players are represented with their name badge on the LED panel at their chosen location. Special badges are available and assigned through different categories:

  • Within each game, the Captain badge is automatically given to the highest placed player from the all-time leaderboard.
  • Colored badges (bronze, silver, and gold) are always assigned to the top three players of each leaderboard. The shape of the badge is defined by the different leaderboards (square = week, hexagon = month, round = all-time).
  • VIP badges include a profile picture and are reserved for goalkeepers represented in the app, influencers, and special guests.


The store features two in-app purchases: LiveCoins and Extra Lives. LiveCoins can also be acquired by watching ads. See “Collectibles” for more information about each in-app feature.


To avoid elimination after an unsuccessfully played round, affected players can activate one Extra Life per game and only up until the 8th round of each game. Once used, the player advances to the next round and continues playing until the end (or the next elimination). See “Collectibles” for additional information.

SUPPLEMENTS (skill game enhancements)

During the player’s personal targeting, 3 different supplements can be used to reduce the difficulty of the skill game:Skill game supplements

  • Pre Pump (more precise target) - decreases the largest possible diameter of the targeting circle. The targeting will be more precise by 50%, even when stopping the pulsation at its largest size.
  • Nitrate (slow down target pulse) - decreases the targeting’s pulsation speed. This increases the chance of stopping the pulsation at the desired moment.
  • Caffeine (never miss targeting area) - ensures the player's target stays within the targeting area (doesn’t go outside of the goal).
    During Scouting, the player’s target will always end up within the goal area, meaning the machine will not shoot outside the goal or onto the bar/post. However, during Live Events—given the volatility of the machine—even if the player’s personal target ends up inside the goal, the machine might still shoot outside or hit the bar/post.


  • 1v1 mode
  • Crystals
  • Farming