Play With
Real Football Players

Live Penalty is a mobile game that connects the digital world with the world of sports. Play on phone, control reality.

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Build Your Team
From Real Athletes

No computer generated characters. No animated footballs. Experience actual goalkeeper reactions to various striker attacks. Hundreds of real players from football amateurs to professionals.

Goalkeeper and striker cards

Multiplayer Game

Live Penalty is a game of chance. Use different strategies to boost your chances of winning. Compete in leaderboards and rise up through the rank of leagues to become the ultimate Legend.

Global Locations,
Real Stadiums

Experience the most unique football places with other fans all around the world. From small backyard lawns to impressive club stadiums, the world of football knows no boundaries.

Our Mission

Combining the digital and real world of football to help fans connect with their favorite idols, clubs and sport. Offering a new platform to all levels of athletes for better fan engagement.

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Goalkeepers standing together in a line