Play against
real goalkeepers

Live multiplayer game where digital players compete against real athletes by controlling a customized ball launcher via a mobile app.

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Challenge Real Athletes

Control a physical ball launcher and compete in penalty shootouts with other gamers against real goalkeepers. No computer generated characters. No animated footballs. Experience actual performances and see why these athletes play for some of the best clubs in the world.

Collectible cards with goalkeepers and their statistics

Multiplayer Game

Beat the goalkeepers, collect their cards, and use them in 1v1 matches against others (late 2021). New athletes, influencers, and clubs join the game on a regular basis. Check the app to see the latest additions.

Global Locations,
Real Stadiums

Experience the most unique football places with other fans all around the world. Take control of custom built football launchers and play against local heroes. Travel to exotic locations and compete against their best goalkeepers on site.

Live Events & 24/7 Games

Join events during live broadcasts or play scouting and 1v1 games whenever you want. Defeat other gamers in multiplayer rounds. Interact with other participants on stage or in chats. Climb up the ranks and become a top player on the seasonal leaderboards. Show off special badges and get featured on LED panels.

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Goalkeepers standing together in a line